Don’t Forget them.

Lucille 1955 1st Chevy 3100

This is the story of me and my old truck a 1955 1st series Chevy pickup Resto mod 4×4. We are both almost the same age and probably  in the same shape.   🙂 That story is here. So we are clear that is Lucille’s last home a lot nicer than my little shop.

I named her Lucille as a tribute to B.B.KING.

Lucille was the name of his guitar. This is my way of thanking him  for the years of music he  gave to us. Now the angels are listening to blues.

Here are words from B.B. King  why he named his guitar Lucille and more in the song below. I got them from this website taken without permission but thanks.

KING: I used to play a place in Arkansas called Twist, Ark., and they used to have a little nightclub there that we played quite often. When we didn’t have any other place to play, we were always welcome to play there. Well, it used to get quite cold in Twist, and they used to take something look like a big garbage pail and set it in the middle of the floor, half-fill it with kerosene. They would light that fuel, and that’s what we used for heat. And generally, the people would dance around it, you know, never disturb this container. But this particular night, two guys start to fight and then one of them knocked the other one over on this container, and when they did, it spilled on the floor. Now it was already burning, so when it spilled, it looked like a river of fire, and everybody ran for the front door, including yours truly. But when I got on the outside, then I realized that I’d left my guitar inside. I went back for it. The building was a wooden building, and it was burning so fast when I got my guitar, it started to collapse around me. So I almost lost my life trying to save the guitar. But the next morning, we found that these two guys were fighting about a lady. I never did meet the lady, but I learned that her name was Lucille. So I named my guitar Lucille and reminded me not to do a thing like that again.

Since I had to almost die to get back to what I love ,(old trucks) I thought the name was right.

Now I could never afford a Gibson but I hope to one day before I die God willing. But I know that aint happening till I finish a few things around here , Lucille is one of them.