Click on the Chapters button or menu if you are on a smartphone, above and you will find a SCI-FI Time travel story I wrote during October 2014.  I had no choice the words just poured out of my mind at a furious rate. The historical sequences were researched the characters actually real.

A few months later I was involved in a car accident that almost took my life and left me a little broken (neck and back). I have survived the spinal surgery and now have written a sequel and started on a third book in the series. I have never attempted a novel before. I didn’t write it to become the next Tolstoy but to give you, the reader a few hours of entertainment.  BTW I wove few conspiracy theories into the story, in 2019 I find some of those to be true. Even offered some solutions that would solve the problems, and of course, some that are pure science fiction.

Update Jan 2020:

I am watching  STNG and now realize for the first time that the seeds of my story come from an episode.  A pocket watch , time travel and authors. Thank you Gene.

Another update:

I am realizing that sci-fi stories are recycled, Stargate has symbiants and wormholes so does Ds9. I just watched an episode of Enterprise that is clearly a rewrite of Enemy Mine. Who knows maybe they shared an author or it is a tribute to that story.




If you are here, you are a test reader. Feel free to share your opinions. Enjoy




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