I just survived a welcome divorce. I live in a place called Peacegrove. Who knew. I discovered the name looking at my little acreage on Google maps. So far I have not find out why its named that. I will have to find an old timer that might know.

Unfortunately the old timer that was my friend and source of local history died in a farming accident. He was a great man.27

I am living by myself with some family pets in a 2000 sq ft. house. Way too much space. Utilities are too high. I spend all my spare time preparing firewood to heat the place I am going through tons of wood for no real reason except to stay warm. I am using near five hundred pounds a day. I live mostly in my living room. The rest of the house is empty and still. I have way too much stuff. It all has to go.

I ran into some pictures and stories of others who are living in tiny houses. I was amazed. In an effort to simplify my life and lower my contributions to the shareholders of the electric grid, I decided to build my own tiny house and chronicle the effort.

Any articles that I find that I think may help others on a similar path I will post. While I am doing this I will show what I am doing.Oh yea I should mention I am a rebel without a clue. I have no idea how to do this. I am going use the Internet as my teacher follow some the paths others have, with one exception my house can not look like the others. Like everything else in my life I have to be different.  I needed to have a tub don’t like showers. I need to save electricity and use less wood for heating. And it had to be warm. I have seen -52 C here. Fookin cold.v71a

Here we go. First thing design my own. Then find a trailer to build on. I am excited been watching you tube videos about other tiny houses. I also forgot to mention money is tight I got the land and my house in the divorce also got the debt. I will trade, swap or garage sale where ever I can.

Here is a link to the wikipedia page that describes the small house movement.


I always try to add some music to my posts so enjoy.

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