“Now is the winter of our discontent.”

William Shakespeare

My name is Rod.  This is not my first blog, I have written many others, about woodworking, my tinyhouse, my 1955 Chevy pickup rebuild, even had one for LOA for a while, the only one I ever deleted. I even converted my novels to wp format. I have been writing online for about ten years. I don’t have much of an audience and that isn’t really important to me. I write these to keep me writing and to keep me going.

I live alone in the woods, no ties to the grid. I heat with wood, have way too many cats. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke anything. I don’t interact with humans very well. Hahaha maybe because I don’t smoke or drink and everyone else here does. I have major injuries from car accidents. Spinal, knees wrist and ankle. I suspect I also have MS could be  RRMS SPMS who knows and who cares. (doctors here are trying to save healthcare costs by not doing anything expensive) so no MRI to prove or disprove my own diagnosis. It doesn’t matter anymore what I have, I won’t take the toxic drug cocktails made by the pharma companies, who I am sure are responsible for poisoning us and making us sick, all in the name of higher profits.

Bayer buying Monsanto should give you a hint. The company now responsible for making our morning oatmeal poison and creating GMO’S, offers cures for the cancer it causes. Read about roundup in your cheerios and Quakers Oats. Quaker should change their advertising to ” lowers your cholesterol and gives you cancer”. BTW PepsiCo owns Quakers and they say GMO’S are ok. Do you trust A MEGACORP? The same company that killed children with poisoned milk and put lead in their noodles now banned in India. Search them out on Wikipedia.

I will try to keep track of a few things, like the weather and try to see if that is affecting how I feel. I will also track what I am able to accomplish during my day. In the winter it is usually just being able to chop enough wood and push the wheelbarrow into the house to stay warm. I am experimenting with different vitamins and natural treatments to see if they relieve my symptoms or make them worse. Since no one really knows about this site it is here mostly, so I can keep track.

If you managed to get here, I shared the link with you. Feel free to leave comments.  The stories are under Posts.

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talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.
“he rambled on about his acting career”
synonyms: chatterbabbleprattleprateblatherblethergabblejabbertwitter, go on, run on, rattle on/away, blithermaunderdrivel;


Enjoy the music and learn that ZEP was into LOTR before it was cool to be a geek back in the 70’s.